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The Gender (Non) Binary
In early editions of Gay Comix, the gender spectrum wasn't often spoken of. Plenty of instances of drag as a form of queer culture was exhibited as well as the depiction of dyke lesbians wearing men's clothes, but specific conversations on gender and…

Queer and LGBT: A New Generation
As the 90's began and a new generation of queer people rose out of the AIDs crisis, new labels were created to fit the evolving culture of the era. When compared to earlier issues the word "Queer" was used by antagonist characters in a derogatory…

Battle of Labels; The Lesbian v.s Gay Narrative
Often contributors to Gay Comix would express their frustration with the Lesbian v.s Gay narrative of queer communities. Lesbian communities would often be made fun of as exclusionary, man-hating, and mean, while Gay communities would be equally…
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